Youngsters competitions day (may-2010)

Video short run boys:

This is an recording that shows how we worked in the beginning. Many things are changed now. Xnote times can now be written in the recording as annotation.

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This is a recording of a short run made during our youngsters athletic competitions day. During such a day we have 60 to 80 races to record.

What do you see here:

This a screen recording made with Camstudio4Xnote. The recording shows the output of two other programs we used. To the right side you see Xnote Stopwatch results screen. At the left side you see the movie registration with a few during recording registered times glued as annotation in the movie.

The right part of the screen show you the Xnote application. The right upper part is the actual counter. The right bottom parts shows you the Xnote Stopwatch results. Xnote Stopwatch is a standalone application, it start counting when the start official use his start gun. Every time something (mostly an athlete) pass the finish IR beamer the time is recorded in Xnote and the video capture application receives the timer information. Each disruption of the light path between the two IR sensors is registered. There are two sensors, one on the inside and one on the outside of the track.

The left part show you the output of the video program we used. Below you see a counter that starts counting as the Xnote stopwatch is started. When the Xnote application determines a passing it will send relative time information to Camstudio4Xnote. This information is without any delay printed in the recording (bottom left) The time will stay visible till it is wiped out by later recordings.

A little above that you see a continuous counting time. To get this time synchronized with the image (that are delayed more than the Xnote time information) we applied a delay of 175 ms to get a stopwatch information that match with the frame we have. Note. This time is less accurate than the time we get from the beamers and we only use this time as an indicator. The benefit of having this time printed in the image is that we still an alternative time recording in case that the IR sensors are moved and no longer aligned with each other. If that happens we still are able to produce a result that is accurate within 0.1 seconds.

This AVI recording was made with 60 fps. To be able to show our results on the web we convert  AVI to flash or mp4.  Some info and quality is lost with conversion.

The results as produced by Xnote are copied and put in a special designed spreadsheet that is used for reporting to the secretariat.

Because this event should use manual recorded times all electronic measured times as recorded by Xnote are recalculate to hand recorded time according IAAF regulations. The sheet does not demand that user names and start licensees numbers are known but I  prefer putting these data before in the sheet because it helps you very much.  You know on forehand which race you are recording, which licenses number you can expect and it produce a list that show you all relevant information straight after the race is finished.