First ‘NK Getransplanteerden’, 16 mei 2010

On 16 May 2010 the first Natiional champion ship for people with transplantion were held on the track of the GACH in Hilversum.

Recording I liked and want to share with you are the 400m men. I like this recordings because it shows the moment of the start of the race. You see that our camera is still recording and time is running just before you see the white smoke of the gun shot appears. This is caused by the delay of transportation of image from camera to computer while the sensor event we get from the sensor attached to the gun is miuch faster. Sensors on gun and finish detection are able to react in less than 0,001 seconds. Average delay of camera to computer according this recording is 150 ms.


Men, 400m, First run.
If you can not see the video open or download: 20100516_1557_18-met-startschot.avi.mp4

Men, 400m, Second run.
If you can not see the video open or download: 20100516_1552_20-met-startschot.avi.mp4

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